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Glock 19 slide needs Upgrade, your handgun’s performance and enhance its compatibility with popular optics by installing a TRYBE Defense Glock 19 Pistol Slide. These Pistol Slides & Slide Parts from TRYBE Defense are constructed from pre-hardened 416-R stainless steel and finished with a Cerakote coating that improves durability and resistance to corrosion and wear.

This TRYBE Defense Glock 19 Pistol Slide features an aggressive, grippy design for easier cocking and handling. Select the TRYBE Defense G19 Gen 3 Pistol Slide that’s right for you to improve your weapon’s handling, compatibility and aesthetics.


The innovators at TRYBE Defense have everything you need to complete your Glock 19 Slide, including a TRYBE Defense Glock 19 Slide Parts Kit , available both with or without a guide rod. You can also pick up TRYBE Defense Universal 9mm Compensator to reduce muzzle rise and sensed recoil. And to wrap up your build, TRYBE’s got your back with a TRYBE Defense Glock 19 Barrel. You’re going to need something to carry all that swag. Finish it off with a TRYBE Tactical Pistol Case to wrap your firearm in cushy, soft protection.

Get ready to JOIN. THE. TRYBE.

*The below information shows the screw sizes, which vary by Optic Cut:

Cover Plates – 6 X 32 X 1/4

RMR Cut – 6 X 32 X 7/16 (both sides)

DeltaPoint Cut – 6 x 32 x 3/4 (left) / 6 x 32 x 5/8 (right)

Venom/Viper Cut – 6 x 32 x 7/16 (left) / 6 x 32 x 3/8 (right)

Other design options available here.WARNING: California`s Proposition 65

Specifications for TRYBE Defense Glock 19 Pistol Slide:

Gun Make:Glock
Gun Model:Glock 19
Caliber:9mm Caliber
Width:1 in
Finish:Cerakote, Heat Treated
Fabric/Material:416 Stainless Steel Billet
Reloading Caliber:9mm Caliber
Weight:9 oz

Features of TRYBE Defense Glock 19 Pistol Slide:

  • Constructed from 416R Stainless Steel hardened to 42-45 HRc after being heat treated
  • Aggressive grippy design and multiple windows
  • The RMR cut slides will also take a Trijicon SRO, Holosun 507C, or a Swampfox Kingslayer. The Viper cut slides will fit a Burris Fastfire II red dot. The DeltaPoint Pro cut slides will also take a Sig Romeo1 PRO, Sig Romeo Zero, JPoint, Shield RMS, or RMSc
  • Rockwell Hardness: 42-45HRc
  • Manufacture Method: CNC Machined

Just make us some cool guns,” was Lenny’s instruction, with little else for direction. With a fully customized Glock easily hitting 4 figures, it just shows the confidence he has placed in our Custom Shop creations.

Kate, our Custom Shop Manager, immediately sent out a request for suggestions for “cool” designs. Our employees from shipping and receiving, packaging, customer service and the retail trade threw all their contributions into the hat. Kate was literally inundated with color suggestions, slide cuts, sharing options and frame modifications

Glock 19 gen 5 slide 

One suggestion stood out simply because we had never done it before.

“How about tiger stripes on a chrome slide?” was an exciting proposal from one of the stock market makers. It was exciting because GlockStore has done many camouflage patterns in CeraKote paint as well as Hydro graphic prints, but never in the metal finish on the slide.

Starting with Glock’s flagship pistol, the Model 17, we sent it to our machine shop and had an RMR Red Dot sight mount cut into the slide. We chose to use the “co-witness” style so that the shooter could use iron sights if needed.

Our gunsmiths then removed the original factory finish to reveal the bare stainless slide. One of the brush makers polished the slide to a mirror finish and then we sent it out for our Hard Chrome finish. I’d like to tell you the rest of the details of how we created the amazing finish, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy and I like my job.

Many of our customers are competitive shooters who rely on our Pyramid Trigger to improve their speed and accuracy. Our adjustable Pyramid Trigger systems allow the shooter to choose the weight of their trigger pull, and the length of the trigger pull. This allows for faster follow-up shots as well as better accuracy because the shorter and shorter trigger pull will not “pull the pistol” off target.

Glock 19 slide kit

The 3.5 lb Double Diamond creates the lighter trigger pull. Binder and Competition Spring Kit, which are both included with the Complete and Ultimate trigger kits. Competition Springs include 2lb, 3lb, 4, and 6lb shock springs that allow the shooter to choose the pull weight from a factory 5.5-6lb down to a competition weight of 2lb.

We finished our Tiger Stripe Show Shot pistol with a Chrome Metallic Control Kit & Pins. This 7-part kit consists of a factory extended slide stop lever and an extended slide lock. Also included, a stainless locking block pin, trigger pin, and trigger housing pin…including the Gen3 and the (Gen4 long housing pin).

GlockStore offers this kit in our 8 CeraKote colors (Black, Chrome, Gold, Blue, Dull Dark World, OD Green, Pink and Red) as well as custom colors made to order on demand. We also added a Teardrop Extended Magazine Edition in Gold to match the finish.

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